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Visa applications have traditionally been viewed as a somewhat delicate aspect of doing business with North Korea (DPRK). To some extent that is true, but there are some fundamental ground rules when making applications, and if anything the "trick" is simply in knowing what these rules and procedures are and following them.

Indeed, while there have been some spectacularly high-profile failures by certain groups wishing to enter the DPRK, the key word here is "high-profile", since the overwhelming majority of companies, chambers of commerce, and others, which have entered without difficulty (including major multinationals) have done so with little fanfare. 

One of the key rules is early planning. The administration of the DPRK Government has certain procedures and protocols which must be followed in the case of visa applications. Bear in mind that, as with all countries, the issuance of a visa is, ultimately, at the discretion of the country in question. However, proper observance of the relevant procedures and timelines greatly increases the likelihood of your visa application being successful and the visa being issued on time.

While HK&A cannot and does not issue visas, since it is not an organ of the DPRK, and does not guarantee visa issuance, we are highly proud of the fact that none of our clients has ever had a visa application rejected by the DPRK authorities. 

When arranging visas, HK&A will usually work in cooperation with trusted contacts who are highly experienced in the administrative aspects of such work.

HK&A will walk you through the entire process, right down to filling in the forms. Equally, you will be briefed as to what to expect and how to handle the customs and immigration formalities upon your arrival in North Korea, which, in the case of the capital, will almost invariably be at Sunan (Pyongyang) International Airport. 

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