Overview of Services
Overview of Services Offered by HK&A

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES provides a number of different services, some of which are "stand-alone", while others are integrated, such as the package of services provided when a company visits North Korea (DPRK). 

Though the following list is not exhaustive it describes the main features of the various services available from HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES. 

Further details of each service can be found by clicking directly on the paragraph title or on the menu links which can be found on every page of this website.


A key service of the Company is that of briefings, which fall into different categories. Corporate In-House Briefings, which have several formats tailored to the client, are designed to introduce the client to the key features of the North Korean (DPRK) market and economy and the main rules of doing business there, whether in-country or on a trading basis.

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES also offers Business Seminars, tailored to groupings of business entities, although since the forum is more open than a Corporate In-House Briefing, the content and approach are tailored accordingly. Seminars are appropriate for such groups as chambers of commerce and similar organizations.


Visas have traditionally been a delicate aspect of doing business with North Korea (DPRK), and there are some fundamental ground rules when making applications. When arranging visas, HK&A will usually work in cooperation with trusted DPRK and other contacts who are highly experienced in the administrative aspects of such work.


Introductions are important in Asia, generally. They are often critical in Korea as a whole. And they are almost always essential in North Korea (DPRK), if you are going to get anywhere. 

HK&A has built up over the years a large number of key contacts, and furthermore maintains relations with key governmental entities of the DPRK having responsibility over foreign trade and investment, as well as numerous other areas of activity in the DPRK or involving the DPRK.


Negotiations come in all forms, but ultimately, they are almost always directed to the conclusion of a business deal between the foreign party and the North Korean (DPRK) party. HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES has considerable experience and expertise in negotiations with the DPRK, and is able to offer hands-on as well as 'hand-in-hand' assistance during the actual negotiations themselves. HK&A's founder and Principal, a Korean speaker, has built up substantial negotiating experience with the DPRK with a multitude of entities, and in numerous areas of business activity.

Market Entry

Market entry is not for everyone. But some companies eventually decide that entering the North Korean (DPRK) market is what is right for them - as some have done already.

Getting in early indeed has many benefits. And in the event a client decides to enter the DPRK market, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is there. Providing advice and coordination with respect to establishing a presence on the ground, such as a liaison office, subsidiary or a full joint-venture.

Sector Reports

What you don't get ...

A "Jack-of-all trades" consultancy.

We've all met them. The professionals who tailor their "expertise" according to the person sitting opposite them at that power-lunch; the instant experts overnight. It usually takes clients some time ... but eventually, they find out.

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is not an expert in every field of DPRK business. Indeed, the very use of the word "expert" is highly suspect, if not meaningless, when it comes to dealing with the DPRK. Go there and you will soon understand. 

But what HK&A knows, it knows well. And what it does, it does very well.

One of the strengths of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is that it knows those areas in which it is experienced, those where it can obtain access to new information, and those where it is unable to offer the services requested. In this last instance, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, subject to the agreement of the client, may coordinate with a very small number of trusted DPRK associated entities which it has built up a strong working relationship over the years.

Wild Promises.

Anyone who tells you that doing business in the DPRK is always easy is wrong. HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is the first to recognize that doing business in this part of the world can offer numerous challenges. Many of these, however, come down to major cultural differences, among other factors, and it is here that the value of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES comes to the fore, in bridging these differences. In fact, dealing with DPRK personnel can be a refreshingly direct and straightforward epxerience. They like straight talk -- and they like getting down to business.

The DPRK is not for everyone. But if you are a company, large or small, with international aspirations which encompass the Pacific Rim, then you cannot afford to overlook the DPRK. 

Perhaps not today. Perhaps not tomorrow. But you may wish to consider joining those companies that are already looking down the road to see the vast potential of "getting in early".

"You don't bring me flowers any more" service. 

At some time in our working life, many of us have had the experience, and it is not a pleasant one. 

Whatever the industry or profession, the company you are dealing with has spent so much energy hauling you in as a client that there is not much energy left for the actual task of serving your needs -- especially when other tasty potential clients are already showing up on the horizon. The dating was good, but the marriage doesn't last long. HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is all too familiar with this phenomenon, and with the "conveyor-belt" approach in some service sectors. It compromises work quality and can seriously jeopardize the chances of the client realizing its objectives.

Conscious of the risks to clients presented by "overtrading" and the fact that a company that is stretched thin cannot give a client the attention it deserves, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES prefers only to deal on a one-to-one basis with its clients, and at any one time deals only with a small number of clients and ongoing projects. For those whose particular needs may be better served by another company, such as a attending a short-stay group "business-sightseeing" delegation, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is happy to provide a referral.

Instant Results.

If you are promised that, especially when looking at doing business or otherwise dealing with the DPRK, then you are almost certainly dealing with the wrong company.

Doing business with the DPRK is a challenge. Obtaining information can take time. It requires patience. 

Ultimately, the information must be as accurate and reliable as possible -- especially when your company may be making a major business decision based upon it. HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES makes every effort to insure just that. For that reason, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES makes no apologies for the fact that certain tasks will require a reasonable turnaround period, both in order to receive the information or obtain the required action in the first place, and furthermore, to process it or otherwise prepare it for the client. Thsi si due to the internal structure and organization of the DPRK administrative apparatus.

Clearly, however, many administrative tasks can be dealt with immediately, and HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is proud of its responsive turnaround on such matters. 

Your name in the papers.

At least, not through HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES. Of course, if you wish publicity, then HK&A is happy to assist, but bear in mind that despite its solid media contacts, HK&A does not claim to be, and is not, a public relations company, and in most cases the client will have its own resources should it choose to "go public". Also, bear in mind that past experience has taught many companies -- some of them household names -- that "softly, softly" is the best approach when doing business with the DPRK.

A business-tourist service.

This is of interest and value to some -- but it is not part of the mission focus of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, which provides specific, practical and hands-on assistance in getting the job done for a company which either has plans for the DPRK, or wishes to explore the viability of even thinking about doing business there: be it a confidential in-house briefing on the country, accompanying representatives of the client company on an initial visit to the DPRK or assisting in negotiating a deal on behalf of the client.

Cut-throat rates.

... for the same same reasons that HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES does not give you a cut-throat, bargain-basement service.

The experience, skills and contacts brought to bear by HK&A are the direct result of considerable, long-term investment - time, money and effort - going back many years years, long before formal establishment of the company. HK&A stands by its reputation both inside the DPRK and outside, and on the numerous contacts it has at its disposal to maximize the chances of success when doing business, in one way or another, with the DPRK. In its ongoing capital investment - right down to the IT and security systems it uses - HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES views price as only one factor. Similarly this philosophy is reflected in its billing policies. 

In short, the focus is on value for money to the client. For further information on this please see details of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES' Fee Policy.

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