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Business negotiations come in all forms, but ultimately, they are almost always directed towards the successful conclusion of a business deal between the foreign party and North Korean (DPRK) party. HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES has considerable expertise in negotiations with the DPRK, and offers 'hands-on' as well as 'hand-in-hand' assistance during the actual negotiations themselves. 

Those who have dealt with Korea will confirm the considerable room that exists for cultural differences to occur, giving rise to what is known in Korean as the "East Question - West Answer" phenomenon of a linguistic misunderstanding despite the fact that you are both often speaking the same language - English ! HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES' founder, Michael Hay has frequently spoken and written on this subject. His linguistic skills have assisted clients on numerous occasions, avoiding subtle linguistic misunderstandings, redirecting negotiations in right direction the parties intended, after identifying linguistic and other misunderstandings that were in fact leading each side deeper into a total misunderstanding -- risking the deal that both sides wanted.

Just one small, but important example -- in Korean, the word for "problem" and for "issue" is often the same. Now that can really lead to confusion - and did in one mining deal, until HK&A was asked to step in.  

As to overall strategy and tactics, make no mistake -- HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is there to help you close the deal. HK&A's focus is on producing results, and ultimately that means the successful conclusion of business deals. But not "at all costs, any cost" and not at the expense of the long-term interests of the client. HK&A's reputation therefore rests not on a number count of signed deals, but ultimately on the service and value it offers to you, the client. 

When you deal with HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, you draw on the founder's direct experience spanning over twenty years as an attorney in international negotiations, business deals and dispute resolution - and cultural differences among dozens of different countries and continents. From that experience, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES knows all too well the importance of understanding the client's bottom line; equally, the understandable risks and temptation of a client's representative signing a deal "come what may" in order to justify the considerable investment of time and expense made in seeking to do a deal abroad. With HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, you know that you have at your right hand - often literally - an objective and impassioned source of tactical advice, both in the negotiating room and outside it, all directed towards achieving what you, the client, have identified as the ultimate goal for your company. 

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES brings to bear unparalleled experience in the legal field both within and outside the DPRK, and is also able to coordinate assistance with respect to the drafting and/or review of relevant documentation, and to guide you in the process of putting together documentation for signing with your DPRK counterparts.

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