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Market entry is not for everyone but some companies eventually decide that entering the North Korean (DPRK) market is what is right for them - as some have done already. 

The majority of companies which have already gone in have done so without much fanfare, and that is generally a wise rule to follow. There are, therefore, far more companies on the ground in the DPRK, either with a formal business presence, or engaged in project work, than actually reported in the press or otherwise known. 

Getting in early indeed has many benefits. And in the event a client decides to enter the DPRK market, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES is there. Providing advice and coordination with respect to numerous aspects of establishing a presence on the ground, such as a liaison office, subsidiary or a full joint-venture. 

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES has extensive ties and contacts with those governmental entities within the DPRK with authority over foreign investment. You will be assisted in the various procedures pertaining to market entry, starting with an examination and explanation of the market potential, as well as, where appropriate, the laws and regulations that may apply to your company and its activities. 

Similarly, site visits can be arranged, to examine at close hand examples of DPRK activity in your chosen sector, and to observe the potential opportunities available to your company. 

HK&A offers practical assistance and guidance with respect to identifying, selecting and setting-up office premises in the DPRK, in conjunction with the authorities dealing with office establishment, and/or creating a joint-venture or subsidiary in the country. Issues such as local labor, office costs, operational costs, office administration procedures, arranging transport and telecommunications facilities are among the numerous areas where HK&A is able to provide assistance. 

All of the above, of course, is offered in conjunction with the close, personalized assistance in negotiations with your DPRK counterparts, which is always on offer from HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES. 

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