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The Rules of the Game

Want to do business in North Korea?

Experience shows that very many corporations, large and small, will attempt to penetrate a market without undertaking sufficient preparatory work. The purpose of both the Corporate In-House Briefings and the Business Seminars is to address this, providing to audiences large and small a practical introduction to the main "rules of the game" in dealing with North Korea at the business-level -- the emphasis being on practice, not theory. 

Depending upon the audience, the presentation may cover everything from the business strategic "big-picture" to the practicalities of a visit on the ground in the DPRK, including the very early stages of applying for a visa to the final stage of arrival back at one's home port OF destination after a visit. 

Briefings thus lie at the heart of many of the services offered by HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, but go well beyond what is described here. There are several types, since they serve different needs. They are offered in several formats, including a private, confidential in-house corporate briefing or a semi-public engagement before a large audience. 

While presentations are tailored to the individual needs of each specific audience, they are all based on the simple principle that you don't do anything without preparation -- least of all when dealing with a country such as the DPRK, renowned for offering as much challenge as it does excitement and potential.

Corporate In-House Briefings

These have several formats tailored to the client, and are designed to introduce the client to the key features of the DPRK market and economy, and the main rules of doing business there, whether in-country or on a trading basis.

The content, format and length of the briefing is discussed in detail in advance of the presentation, in order to ensure that the maximum benefit is received by the client. 

Briefings are designed to be practical, and can cover a wide range of issues, including cultural aspects of doing business and legal issues of direct relevance to a potential investor. For that reason, although the focus is not on purely legal issues, the attendance of in-house counsel is not only welcomed but encouraged. 

Briefings may take place anywhere in the world. They are normally held in a corporation's headquarters or overseas office. However, if more convenient for the client, they may for example be held in a reserved conference room at a hotel or international business center, at the client's request. 

Corporate In-House Briefings are confidential. Of course, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES maintains the same level of confidentiality, regardless of the venue. 

Corporate Business Seminars

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES also offers seminars, tailored to groupings of business entities, with a more general approach to the subject of doing business with the DPRK.

Since the forum is a more open environment than a corporate briefing, the content and approach is tailored accordingly. Seminars are well-suited for groups such as chambers of commerce, etc. 

Michael Hay makes himself available immediately before and after seminars for private, no-obligation consultations, should a company so wish.


The format varies. But whether they be briefings or seminars, they are grounded on three simple principles. They must (1) be informative; (2) be interesting; and (3) offer practical value to the audience. 

Presentations normally rely on visual aids, combining data, sector/industry analyses and visual images of North Korea, though these are not used as the core of the presentation. The emphasis is on a well-paced, 'on-time', spoken presentation which both stimulates and at times amuses the audience while, throughout, achieving the basic goal of delivering a serious and practical, informative, message of value and benefit to the client or audience.

Supplementary Services

In addition to the above, where HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES takes a client into the DPRK, there will, in order to provide maximum value for the client, and to help ensure that the client gets the most out of the visit, be further Pre-Visit Briefings, In-Country Briefings and De-Briefings. Their precise format is confidential other than for our clients. 

Sampling of Industries/Specialties

Aviation, Civil Energy, Hotel & Hospitality Industry, Mining, Minerals & Other Natural Resources, Alternative Energy and Energy-Saving Projects, Transportation and Infrastructure, Commercial Retail Projects, Regulatory & Compliance, Insurance, Due Diligence, Alternative Dispute Resolution including Arbitration and Mediation, Trademark Claims, Infrastructure Projects, Telecommunications . 

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